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Fanfics for H.O.T and JTL

January 3rd, 2008

The First Big Love Chapter 1 @ 11:17 pm

Titel: The First Big Love
Pairing: WonTon (Jae Won / Tony)

Chapter 1: Pains from childhood

Lee Jae Won's family moved from Seoul to Tokyo when his sister was 8 years old, and he was just 2 years old. For Jae it was very easy to fit in because he was still very young. For Jae Sook though, it was quite difficult to integrate. She had to leave behind her friends and learn a new language. For Jae, again, it was easy, because he hadn't yet made any friends and, well, he already spoke Korean, however, he was very young, so he was able to learn Japanese with no problem.

A year later, when Jae was 3 years old, his mother died of ovarian cancer. At his mother's funeral, Jae did not understand why Jae Sook and his father cried, because he was still very young. He only knew that something important to him was absent, something he loved very much—his mother. Over the years, Jae learned to live with the mental hurt. If he asked his father where his mother was, his father always told him that his mother left them because she had a new family. But Jae wasn't so sure that was the truth; he often dreamt of things from his childhood and from the funeral. Deep inside, Jae knew what his father said was a lie, but for him the lie was much more tolerable than the truth. Jae's father and Jae Sook often went, without Jae, to his mother's grave. For Jae Sook it was not easy to always lie to her small Dongsaeng, but she had to do it. She did not want his mental pain to become even worse than it already was. After the death of their mother, Jae had often crept to Jae Sook's bed during the night. They often talked about their mother, and Jae Sook told Jae every small detail she could remember. This always made Jae feel a little happier again, and he would forget all his sadness. Every now and again his sadness would return, but Jae Sook was always there for him when he needed her.

At school, Jae was liked very much and was very popular among his classmates. He was the most clever in his class, and if any older students teased him or beat him up, they had to deal with his best friend Drew. He was older than Jae, but each of the younger students had an older student they looked up to as a mentor. Not every younger student befriended his mentor though, or to put it more correctly, not every older student let a younger student become his best friend.

Later, when Jae was in high school, he was unpopular with classmates his own age because he was clever and very good in all subjects, but he still had Drew, and by then he had also become friends with other older students. He always spent his break time relaxing with his friends who were older students.

When Drew was 18 years old, and Jae was 14, Drew moved from Tokyo to Suwon in South Korea. For Jae, it was impossible to manage without his best friend and his world broke down.

[I got help from Cosmic with the english translation!]
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Fanfics for H.O.T and JTL