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Fanfics for H.O.T and JTL

November 3rd, 2008

FIC: Creep 1/2 Jae Won @ 11:09 pm

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Title: Creep
For oulan from My request page (feel free to make a request yourself).
Fandom: H.O.T
Pairing: Jae Won, TonHyuk, and some surprises
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Jae Won is a creepy bastard.
Word Count: 1415

( Creep )

April 2nd, 2008

♥ 48 Moon Hee Jun Obsession MV Icons ♥ @ 01:24 am

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♥48 Obsession MV
♥+ MV Megaupload link and youtube link
♥Rar file with all screencaps

These were made from screencaps that I made. None are bases. Comments are appreciated. I prefer credit but it's not necessary. No hotlinking please.


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March 14th, 2008

Itunes Meme Various pairings and ratings @ 04:45 am

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Title: Itunes Meme 10 drabbles
Fandoms: DBSG, Super Junior, Bae Seul Gi, H.O.T, House
Pairings: YooMin, Si Won x Bae Seul Gi, TonHyuk, YehHyuk, JaeHo, Changmin/???, ShinMin, HyukHyuk, House/Wilson, KyuHae
Ratings: PG-R
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters involved.

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January 30th, 2008

The First Big Love (Tony & Jae Won) Chapter 2 @ 03:17 am

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Chapter 2: The Departure

Six months before Drew went to Korea, he wanted to learn Korean, so he went to Jae.
"Wooonnniiieee, Wooonnniiieee! I need your Heeellllppp!!!"
Drew knew if he called Jae 'Wooonnniiieee', Jae could never say 'no'.
"Hey Drew. What do you need help with?" Jae was not sure if he should be sad because Drew was going to Suwon, or if he should be glad because Drew was with him now. Drew had become like a Hyung for Jae, so he was always glad when Drew was with him. Jae decided to be glad and forget his grief.
"Wooonnniiieee! I need somebody to teach me Korean!" Drew looked at Jae with his begging blue husky eyes.
"And who's going to do that?"
Drew smiled. He knew, really, that he only needed to ask for help and Jae would comply, but he loved when Jae understood him and knew what he meant, even without him actually saying it.
Jae laughed because Drew had a 'Don't be upset, I'll always be ther for you' look on his face. "Me of course! Who else would it be?"
Drew laughed at Jae's answer so strongly he could hardly hold the laughter to himself. "You can still speak Korean, right?"
"Yes, clearly! I grew up speaking two languages." Jae was really proud that he grew up speaking two languages. Jae wanted to go back to Korea at some point, so he practiced by himself, so that he didn't get out of practice.
"Oh really? How cool! So you'll help me?" Drew was impressed that Jae could speak two languages.
"Yes, of course I'll help you!" Jae smiled because of the impressed look on Drew's face.
"Good! Then let's start immediately." Drew could not wait any longer to finally learn Korean with Jae.
"Nooo!!!" Jae clearly wanted to study Korean with Drew, but he had no time for it!
"Why not? I thought you were going to help your Hyung?" Drew was a little bit sad because he had figured that Wonie would say 'yes'.
"Yeah, I will, but not now. I still have to do homework." Jae was not exactly enthusiastic about doing homework, however, he loved to learn.
"You always do your homework. Oh, my small sweet Dongsaeng."
Drew knew Jae could kill him for that statement.
"First, I'm not a careerist. And secondly, I am not cute! Understand?"
Jae liked having Drew as his Hyung very much, even if he spoke harshly towards him sometimes. But he worried if Drew would continue to be his Hyung if his words ever wounded Drew.
"Oooooohhhhhooooo! And how sweet you are! Why aren't you looking for a sweet, attractive girl with a good personality?"
Jae became red in the face; he didn't find himself to be sweet. "Noooooo!! Why? I don't want a girl. I'll wait until I've found the right one. So change the subject now!"
Jae kept a secret from Drew! He did not like girls, he liked guys. Jae feared that if Drew knew, he would not have anything more to do with him, and he didn't want to take that risk yet.
"Okay! So when can we study then?" Drew was very nervous and did not want to wait anymore, but he knew that, for Jae, achievements at school were very important.
"Mmmmmmhhhhhhhmmmmm. When do you have to go to Korea?"
"In six months! Why?"
"So that I can see how often we should practice each week so that you'll be able to say all the important things, and say them properly!" Jae said with a smiling, but pensive, face.
"Oohh yeah, that is important! And how often should we practice each week then?"
Jae thought for a bit, considering everything they needed to practice and how long they had. "I think five times a week. So Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!"
"And how on earth will we do that? During the week we have school and homework. How will we have time to study Korean? How would I learn that way?"
"You're not the only one with homework, I have it to! Okay, I'll give you a suggestion, how about that? We can go to my house after school and do our homework together, then you can study Korean. But then, everyday we will study Korean. Hahahaha!"
Drew was shocked at Jae's answer because who wants to do homework daily and study Korean daily too. "Ah! Okay, but only because you're my little Dongsaeng!" Drew smiled because Jae also smiled.
"Ha! You're the one who wants and needs to learn Korean, not me! I already know it!" Jae said very proudly.
"Okay, okay! So let's start tomorrow right away!"

Six months passed very slowly for Jae and Drew. The kept hidden how sad they became as the day of Drew's departure came closer. They laughed a lot like before and joked around in the Korean Drew had learned. Drew mostly said and wrote things wrong, but Jae smiled whenever he did because he knew exactly what Drew had intended. Jae always had a lot of patience with Drew and showed him the correct way to do things.
"Here you see, this is the correct way Drew!" Jae smiled and Drew looked at the sheet of paper.
"Ohh, like that. There were only two lines that were wrong!"
"Yes, exactly. You're already much better than at the beginning and you're already able to do writing and speaking. Now there isn't much more I can teach you during the last two months!"
"Yes, the only reason I already know so much is all because of you. You should become a teach Jae!" Drew did not want to talk about how much time they had left to spend with each other.
"Yeah right! Me a teacher! Oh well, maybe, we'll see. So I think I should do one more final test with you."
"Yes Mr. Teacher. I mean Mr. Lee. And when will we have this final test?"
Jae could not hold his laughter any longer. "Hahahahahaha! First, I am not your teacher!"
"But my tutor!"
"No. I only taught you one new language. It's something else. And secondly, we'll do the final test not only in writing, but also verbally!"
"You see, that's why I called you 'Mr. Teacher'."
"Okay, you can call me 'Mr. Teacher'! But only because it's you. So I think we should do the two tests three weeks before you go to Korea!"
"Why two tests?"
"Because one is written and one is oral. That means two tests Drew!" Jae had a wide smile on his face because Drew simply didn't want to understand him correctly.
"And why three weeks before I got to Korea?"
"It's quite simple. If you pass both final tests without any mistakes, or maybe only two or three mistakes, the rest of your time here we will speak in Korean; as long as we aren't at school. Understood Drew?!"
"Understood Wooonnniiieee! You are so mean, but nevertheless, if you want to speak only in Korean with me I have to do it."

Drew practiced very diligently with Jae for the final tests. Each evening Jae wrote down a few words and sentences for Drew's final test, so he wouldn't have to do it all at the last minute. When Drew took the written test, he did not have even one mistake. Jae was very proud of Drew. Two days later when Drew took the verbal test, he only had one mistake. Jae could not fathom how in just barely six months he had taught his best friend Korean. Jae and Drew spoke only in Korean the last three weeks. For Drew, it was not as bad as he thought it would be. On the contrary, a few times he had even accidentally spoken in Korean to his other friends, his classmates, and teachers.

Three weeks later! The day of the departure

On the last night Drew went to his house with Jae, because he had spent every night of the past week at Jae's house. Jae helped Drew pack a few things, and the remaining things were going to be sent later because Drew could not take his furniture with him. Jae packed extras of the important things like boxer shorts, T-shirts, sweaters, pants, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, because he knew very well that, with Drew, these things would not last very long. Drew packed up a few things, but he left what was most important to him for last. It was a photo of him and Jae. Drew sat down on his bed and could no longer hold back the emotions he had been keeping inside for the last six months; he started crying. Jae was in the bathroom at the time, but when he came back to Drew's room, he saw that Drew was on his bed holding a photo and crying. Jae ran to Drew's bed and sat beside him.
"Drew, why are you crying?" On one hand Jae was worried, on the other he was sad.
"Look, this is a picture of us. The last one we will take beginning this month!" Drew did not want Jae to know or notice that he had been crying, but Jae had already noticed it. Drew showed Jae the photo in his hand and tears started to run down Jae's cheeks, like they had been running down Drew's cheeks before. Drew did not want Jae to start crying too, he never liked to see Jae cry.
"I'm sorry Wonie! I didn't want you to cry!"
"Yeah, I know... Drew?"
"Yes Wonie?"
"Promise me that you won't forget me, okay?"
"How could I forget my small Dongsaeng? I could never forget you Lee Jae Won!!!" Drew and Jae embraced each other, trying to mutually console one another, but it was not so easy because both were crying.

When they had both calmed down, and everything of Drew's had been packed, they went to Jae's house again. They put Drew's three suitcases in the hall and went to Jae's room. They sat down on the bed and talked for a while before going to sleep.
"I would like to tell you my only secret that I've kept from you!"
"What, you have a secret that you're keeping from me? Since when?"
"I've had this secret for about two or three years now."
"Why so long?"
"Because I feared for our friendship, and I thought you might not be your small Dongsaeng anymore!!!"
"What are you talking about? That would never happen. Go ahead, tell me. It won't be so bad. Mhhhh!!!"
"I think it will, but okay, I'll tell you. When you said to me six months ago that I should be looking for a girlfriend, I said no because I don't......like girls......I like......boys!!"
"You see, I knew it. Now you don't want anything more to do with me. I understand. Who wants a friend or Dongsaeng who's gay. Nobody!!"
"Lee Jae Won, you listen to me well. This doesn't change anything with our friendship, or the fact that you are my Dongsaeng. It's okay. This isn't anything unusual or bad." Drew embraced him so that Jae knew he seriously meant what he had said. Jae felt more at ease. Drew had reacted much better than Jae had thought he would.
"I'm glad you reacted the way you did. You didn't react how I thought you would, actually!"
"How did you think I would react?
"That you might yell at me, or leave and say you never want to see me again, or...or..."
"No matter what, I would never say or do those things that you thought I would!"
"Okay, I understand. Hey, you know what? You just sounded really intelligent!"
"Ha, that I am."
"Oh yeah, since when?"
"I've always been so! But now we should get to sleep. We have to get up early tomorrow!"
"Yes, you're right!"
Jae and Drew changed into their pajamas and laid down under the blanket.
"Goodnight Drew! Sleep well and sweet dreams!"
"Goodnight Wonie! Sleep well and sweet dreams to you too!"

The next morning Jae and Drew got up much earlier than usual. Since it was the first free day of the Summer holidays, Jae and Drew had breakfast together and then went to the place they were going to meet up with their friends. Their friends did not want to come along to the airport because they knew Jae was going to accompany Drew, and they wanted to give them a little time to themselves. When Drew and Jae arrived at the meeting place, their friends were already waiting for them.
"Hey! There you two are. We thought you had forgotten us!" Said Han Gyoong, second oldest of them all, with Drew being the oldest.
"We could never forget you!"
"How much time do we have before your flight Drew?" Asked In Sung, Jae's second best friend.
Drew wanted to look at his watch, but he did not have one, so Jae looked at his watch.
"It's 8:30AM now, and Drew has to be at the airport by 12PM, so we have until 11:30AM before we have leave for the airport!"
"Good! What do you think about getting breakfast? I still haven't eaten anything yet, and you guys?" Han Gyong asked the others.
"Drew and I already ate, and you?"
"Whoever hasn't had breakfast yet, please raise your hand!" Said Han Gyong.
Everyone except Drew and Jae raised their hands.
"Okay then, let's go eat breakfast!"

They went on their way to a youth café to have breakfast. On the way, they talked about old times, however, everyone focused on Drew and paid no attention to Jae. In Sung noticed this and went to Jae, who was at the back of the group.
"Hey Wonyah! What are you doing here in the back alone?"
"I thought I would stay out of everyone's way. Except you, nobody wants to be around me!!"
"Ohh, don't say that. Drew wants to be around you! And I'll be here for you when Drew is in Korea."
"Did Drew say he wanted me up there in the front with him? I don't think so. Oh, it doesn't make any difference. But it's nice to know that you're here for me!"
Jae and In Sung talked the whole time they were in the youth café, and on the way back to the meeting point, until Drew stopped them because he wanted to talk with Jae. Drew had noticed that on the way to the youth café something was wrong with Jae. He wondered why Jae was acting so strange towards him.

"Hey, don't go so far ahead, I still want to talk with Jae some too!!"
"Yeah, obviously! But where is Jae?" Asked Han Gyong.
"In the background talking with In Sung!"
"Hey guys, move your asses! And In Sung, get up here already!" Said Han Gyong.
Drew went to the back of the group where Jae and In Sung were.
"In Sung, go up front with the others. Han Gyong already called you up there, didn't you notice?"
"Oh really? No, I didn't notice. I talked the WHOLE time with Wonya. Oh well then, I guess I should go up with the others, and let you two talk alone?"
Jae just nodded. In Sung followed the others and left Jae alone with Drew.
"What's wrong Wonie?"
"What could be wrong? There's nothing wrong!"
"I don't believe you. When I talk to you, you won't listen to me. And since we went to the youth café you haven't walked near me or talked to me. So what's wrong? What have I done to you? Tell me, please!!"
"What could be wrong. You didn't notice that I was at the back of the group all alone, but In Sung noticed. You haven't talked with me at all since we met up with the others, if you didn't notice. Why did you even want me to come along?"
Drew was shocked at Jae's response. He had never seen Jae so angry and hurt before!
"I'm sorry Jae. I didn't notice that you were feeling so neglected and hurt. I wanted you to come because...because...because I like having you around me. I wanted to spend the whole morning with you and the others. I don't deserve to be your big Hyung, and certainly not your best friend!"
"That's not true at all! Listen to me, you've definitely earned the right to have me for a Dongsaeng as well as a best friend. Although I feel like Han Gyong is your best friend more than I am!!!"
"What? Why?"
"It's simple! Whenever he's around, I'm invisible to you. Whenever he arrives, you don't pay attention to me anymore. It's as if I don't exist! It hurts, do you know that? That's why I don't be you when you say I'm your best friend!" Jae started to cry. For him it was all too much that the last few hours before Drew left for Korea had ended up like this.
"No, he's not my best friend. You, Wonie, are my best friend." Drew spoke in a soft voice as he hugged Jae and tried to comfort him. Drew never knew how the situation had made Jae feel. Drew thought of himself in Jae's position and realized that Jae was right. He had never known how much he hurt Jae, but now he understood very well. Drew was so ashamed of it. He had always sworn to himself that he would never hurt Jae; that he would never make him cry, always pay attention to him, and never abandon him. Drew felt horrible about his realization. "I'm sorry Wonie! I'm really sorry! I'm really an asshole to you. I should've treated you differently. You didn't deserve to be treated that way. Not from me or anybody!"
"Drew! What you say is true, but..." Jae could not think of how to end his response.
Drew pressed his lips against Jae's.
Jae was shocked and opened his eyes very wide. He couldn't believe it at all! At first Jae was uncomfortable with it, however, after a short time, he closed his eyes and felt joy from the kiss. But he still couldn't believe it. Drew broke the kiss and looked into Jae's eyes.
"Sorry, please! I don't know what came over me!" Drew was a bit embarrassed.
For Jae, it was his first kiss. He licked his lips to show Drew that he had liked it.
"It wasn't so bad! However, you should know, that was my first kiss!"
"Oooohhhh! Now I've stolen your first kiss from you."
"It's quite okay! Don't worry about it!"
What the two did not know was that they have been seen. Neither Jae nor Drew had been paying attention to whether or not they were being observed.
Drew and Jae decided to go back to the others. When they caught up with their friends, they had been expecting them.
"That was the best morning I could have had before I go to Korea."
"We'll miss you very much!" Said Han Gyong.
"I'll miss you all very much too! And please keep an eye on Jae!"
"Of course we'll look out for Jae. How could we not? We can't simply neglect our youngest member. They would kill him if we don't look after him. We don't want that, and certainly you don't want that! Or do you?" Said Han Gyong.
"Of course I don't want that. I'm glad that Jae is in good hands with you all!"
Don't worry Drew! I'll look after Wonya! I already pay attention to him!" Said In Sung.
"Good! That's good to hear, but we should already be on our way to the airport Jae!
"Yes, we should!"
"Goodbye! I miss you already!"
"Goodbye Drew! We already miss you too!"
The friends made their way to the bus stop while waving goodbye to Drew and Jae. As soon as their attention was off of their friends, Jae pulled out his cell phone and called a cab for himself and Drew. They rode to the airport and when they arrived, they had only 45 minutes before Drew's flight time. The atmosphere grew more serious and tense.
"I want to go with you!" JaeWon spoke earnestly.
"Don't say that! You have your sister, who needs you. And you have your father, who also needs you!"
"No they don't need me. Nobody needs me here!"
"But everyone here needs you! You want to know a secret of mine?"
"Yes of course! Tell me!"
"I wasn't surprised by what you told me yesterday, that you liked guys, because I myself like guys too. My only problem is that I've fallen in love with you. But now it's too late because a long-distance relationship wouldn't be any good for you, or me."
"That's why you kissed me earlier! But why not? Let's try a long-distance relationship!"
Drew gave Jae a little kiss on the lips. "No, believe me. It's not a good idea! After I leave you'll find someone new. You'll fall in love and become happy!"
"Well, will I see you again Drew?" This time, Jae gave Drew a little kiss on the lips.
"Yeah. I'll always come back to see you during the holidays." Drew handed Jae a note. "Here! My new address and my new cell phone number!"
"Thanks Drew! Maybe I can see you over the holidays."
"Yes, I hope so. Either way, we will remain in contact. But in the beginning, we can only write because long-distance phone calls are very expensive! Okay Wooonnniiieee?"
"It's better than no contact, Drew!"
Drew hugged Jae and gave him a long, deep kiss on the lips. Drew did not want to let go of Jae at all, and he continued to kiss him. When he had broken the kiss, Drew looked deeply into Jae's eyes.
"Please take care Wonie!"
"Yeah, you too Drew! You too Drew! Saranghae!"
"Saranghaeyo! And now go back to the taxi and go home. I don't want you to accompany me any further."
"But Drew..."
"No buts! Goodbye Wonie, and see you soon!"
Drew suffered knowing the situation was so hard for Wonie, only because he loved everything about him. It was so hard for Drew to say goodbye to Wonie, but he kept that to himself so that Wonie would not sense it. Even so, the parting was not easy for Jae.
"Yeah, goodbye and see you soon!"
After Jae said goodbye to Drew, he went back to the taxi feeling very sad and hurt, and went back home.

January 3rd, 2008

The First Big Love Chapter 1 @ 11:17 pm

Titel: The First Big Love
Pairing: WonTon (Jae Won / Tony)

Chapter 1: Pains from childhood

Lee Jae Won's family moved from Seoul to Tokyo when his sister was 8 years old, and he was just 2 years old. For Jae it was very easy to fit in because he was still very young. For Jae Sook though, it was quite difficult to integrate. She had to leave behind her friends and learn a new language. For Jae, again, it was easy, because he hadn't yet made any friends and, well, he already spoke Korean, however, he was very young, so he was able to learn Japanese with no problem.

A year later, when Jae was 3 years old, his mother died of ovarian cancer. At his mother's funeral, Jae did not understand why Jae Sook and his father cried, because he was still very young. He only knew that something important to him was absent, something he loved very much—his mother. Over the years, Jae learned to live with the mental hurt. If he asked his father where his mother was, his father always told him that his mother left them because she had a new family. But Jae wasn't so sure that was the truth; he often dreamt of things from his childhood and from the funeral. Deep inside, Jae knew what his father said was a lie, but for him the lie was much more tolerable than the truth. Jae's father and Jae Sook often went, without Jae, to his mother's grave. For Jae Sook it was not easy to always lie to her small Dongsaeng, but she had to do it. She did not want his mental pain to become even worse than it already was. After the death of their mother, Jae had often crept to Jae Sook's bed during the night. They often talked about their mother, and Jae Sook told Jae every small detail she could remember. This always made Jae feel a little happier again, and he would forget all his sadness. Every now and again his sadness would return, but Jae Sook was always there for him when he needed her.

At school, Jae was liked very much and was very popular among his classmates. He was the most clever in his class, and if any older students teased him or beat him up, they had to deal with his best friend Drew. He was older than Jae, but each of the younger students had an older student they looked up to as a mentor. Not every younger student befriended his mentor though, or to put it more correctly, not every older student let a younger student become his best friend.

Later, when Jae was in high school, he was unpopular with classmates his own age because he was clever and very good in all subjects, but he still had Drew, and by then he had also become friends with other older students. He always spent his break time relaxing with his friends who were older students.

When Drew was 18 years old, and Jae was 14, Drew moved from Tokyo to Suwon in South Korea. For Jae, it was impossible to manage without his best friend and his world broke down.

[I got help from Cosmic with the english translation!]

December 15th, 2007

(no subject) @ 12:14 am

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Hello I'm Sunny and I have createt that Community!
Here can everyone post there Fanfics.
And now have fun here!

Fanfics for H.O.T and JTL